Minneapolis Website Design and Graphic Design

A.Fruit Design is a small collective of technical and creative individuals, who strive to combine effective business solutions with engaging design to achieve a higher level of results for our clients.

Our Designers & Developers

By assembling talented designer/developer specialists, it is our belief that we can not only provide the best service possible, but we can do it quicker and at lower cost. Our internal processes that have been optimized around the niche talents and skills of our designers and developers to insure quality and efficient problem solving for your business needs.

Our people are our greatest assets; that's because we've sought out talented individuals to play specific roles within our small -but potent- team. In addition, we've built strategic partnerships with companies offering tiered services that enhance your design and marketing solutions.

Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is simple: Design is about communication. But before you can communicate a specific idea, you need to command the attention of your audience, and instill a confidence and inherent value associated with your company and it's product and/or service offerings.

How do you project that confidence and value onto your audience? By looking professional, and by doing everything you can to remain in the forefront of potential consumers minds.

Our Marketing Philosophy

If marketing is the thought in your head, design is the way it sounds when you say it, or the way it looks when you write it down. Although we generally focus on the latter, it's indisputable that without a good subject, the delivery has little chance of being effective. Marketing is finding the best way to connect with an audience using design as the conduit.

Although we're creative people, we don't call ourselves marketing experts. We are experts of the delivery of the marketing message. That's not to say we can't help develop that message, however this is not the area of our expertise.

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